Performing a Signal Test

Ping, like your cell phone, is a cellular-based device.  This means that it requires a strong cell signal to work properly.  Unlike your cell phone, however, Ping has no screen making it difficult at times to know if the device is currently in a solid coverage area.

To deal with this problem, we've built in a visual "signal test" that lets you quickly know if the device is connected to your phone, a cell tower or waiting to try to connect to a tower. And it's darn easy to do!

To check your signal strength, simply double-click the button on your device.  That's it!

When you double click the button, you're going to see some pretty colors.  These colors tell you what's going on according to this table:

Color Meaning
Blinks Blue You are connected to your phone's Bluetooth
Blinks Green You are connected to a cell tower. Each blink is like a bar on your phone.  So 1 blink means the signal is weak and 4 is strong
Blinks Yellow The device is not connected but is in the middle of trying to connect.  If you see this, try again in a minute or so.
Blinks Red The device is not connected to the cellular network, however, Ping is designed to intelligently retry as it senses motion (i.e. you are moving to an area that might have better cell coverage) and will try to connect at most every 20 minutes.


As you can see, the signal test is a quick, visual way for you to understand the current state of your device and where it will and will not work well for your needs.

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