Why is there an annual fee after the trial period?

For Ping to be found anywhere in the world it needs to use a cellular signal, just like your mobile phone. As you know, to use a mobile phone requires a "plan" with the cell company to cover their costs for building and maintaining towers, offering the service, etc.  The same applies to Ping - for us to offer coverage next door or 3,000 miles away, Ping needs to pay the cell companies to use their networks.

We want Ping to be simple and affordable to use, so we have already negotiated extremely low rates with the cell companies.  We pass these savings directly onto you, our customer, at only $3.99 per month per device after the trial period, which is on us.  We know you will find this to be the lowest renewal cost in the personal GPS locator space, and we give you some time for free so you have the opportunity to see just how valuable Ping can be.

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