I moved Ping, why hasn't the location updated?

Ping uses an advanced, proprietary algorithm to detect "significant" movement before attempting to get a GPS fix and report in via cellular.    A lot of big words - let's start easy...

Significant Movement.  If you move Ping 50 feet, it probably won't report in from the last time it reported.  It just doesn't make sense for the device to waste battery to tell you it's 50 feet away from where it is.  Remember, Ping's battery and antenna are SUPER small, and connecting to GPS and cellular takes a lot of power, so we have to be smart about when we do it.  As a general rule, if the device moves more than 100 meters (300 feet) we start trying to report in.

GPS Fix. Remember, Ping is a GPS device.  That means, like all GPS devices, it needs to be able to reach the constantly orbiting satellites to get a fix.  The less obstruction (i.e. clipped to the outside of a bag and not inside the bag) the better the chance of getting a fix.  Please note, while Ping does use cellular triangulation as a backup if GPS fails, we only do this when the device stops moving to give you it's final location as it takes a ton of battery power to do that.  

Cellular.  Ping uses cellular to communicate, just like your cell phone.  Specifically, it uses the 2G/3G networks to try to communicate.  If you are in an area with great LTE (modern cell network) coverage but poo 3G service, it might not work.  There is nothing we can do about that except continue trying to report in if the device moves out of a bad coverage area and into a good coverage area.

Anyway, our best recommendation if your trying to test out the device is to clip it to a bag or your belt and forget about it for a day.  Just go about your business and later in the day, launch the app and take a look at the location history to see how it worked for you and if based on how it worked you can find something you want to use it with.

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