My device says it's already registered, help!

If you are trying to register your device but it says it is already registered, you will need to contact support with that device's number so we can remove it from the existing account.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Ping app from the app stores.
  2. From the main screen of the app, tap on the device menu icon.
  3. In the bottom left of the side menu, select UPDATE FIRMWARE.
  4. Make sure that the device is plugged into the charger.
  5. You should see the device in the list of devices.  If not, select SCAN in the upper right.
  6. Once the device is visible, swipe on the device name to the LEFT.  You will see an info button.  Tap it.
  7. The device number will be read.  This can take 60 seconds.
  8. Copy down the device number, click on the CONTACT SUPPORT link from this website and email it to support.

Once we remove the device from the old account, you will be able to add it.

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