How to perform a system test?

Sometimes when your device isn't working you may be asked for customer service to perform a "system" test.  This test, which is the same test we do at the factory during production, checks the hardware, GPS and connectivity of the device and reports back to both you and us the status of the device.

Performing a system test is very straightforward and easy:

  1. Go outside where the device has an unobstructed view of the sky but you can still see the device's lights.  Under an awning or big tree works well.
  2. Click the device's button (in the middle of the rings) FIVE times quickly and then hold the button down for a few seconds.  The lights will turn red, then shut off, then turn white and then you should let go. 
  3. The device will be flashing yellow, which means the test is running.

The test can take a few minutes, so hang out and enjoy the outdoors!

Once the test is complete, the device will make a noise and glow one of the following colors indicating the results:


Green.png If the device glows green, all is well!  Ping was able to get a satellite lock and transmit its location directly to our servers.
Cyan.png If the device glows cyan (light blue), this means the device was unable to lock onto a satellite but the cellular network was working.  Please read below for next steps.
Magenta.png If the device glows magenta, there was a problem connecting to the cellular network.  This typically means you're in an area with bad coverage.  Please read below for next steps.
Red.png If the device glows red, there is a hardware problem with the device.  Contact customer support and let them know that the device failed the system test so they can handle the matter further.


After the test completes, you can push the button one more time to acknowledge that you've seen the results and put the device to sleep.  To wake it back up, simply push the middle button again.


Handling a CYAN Result

If your system test comes back cyan, this means Ping could not lock onto enough Satellites to get a signal.  This could be due to your location, time of day, coverage or a dozen other factors.  Typically we recommend waiting 10 minutes or so and trying again.

You will also receive an email asking you for more details.  If the second attempt also fails, or the device never seems to get an exact location, please reply to that email with the requested details and a member of our customer support team will try to assist you further.  In rare cases, you may have a defective or out-of-tuned GPS antenna and we will need to replace your device if under warranty.


Handling a MAGENTA Result

If your system test comes back magenta, this means Ping could not connect to the cellular network.  99% of the time this is due to you being located in a non-covered area.  Ping requires a cellular connection to send and receive location information, so you can only use the device in these areas.

We typically recommend the following next steps:

  1. Try doing a check-in where you are.  Triple click the button and the lights will pulse green.  In less than 30 seconds, if the device can get a cellular connection, the lights will flash green indicating you're connected.  If they don't or flash magenta again, you're not connected.
  2. If you're not connected, you will need to move to another location to perform the system test.  
  3. After you've moved to an alternative location, try performing a check-in again.  If it works, you're connected and should perform another system test.  If not, please send your device's logs to technical support using the Ping App by following these instructions.

If our customer support team determines that you are in a covered cellular area but your device is not working properly, this could be due to a faulty antenna and your device will need to be replaced if under warranty.



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