Why can't I always get a GPS location?

The nature of GPS is that it requires a clear line of sight to multiple satellites in order to accurately triangulate a position. As such, all GPS devices work best when located in an area with a clear view of the sky. Any obstacles between your Ping device and satellites in orbit may prevent the ability to obtain GPS lock. Some situations that may cause GPS to be unavailable include:

1. Ping device is located indoors

2. Ping device is located in an area surrounded by tall trees or buildings

3. Ping device is located in an area currently under thick cloud cover

In situations in which Ping cannot obtain a GPS location, the app will display a message indicating so, and the location provided will be an approximation based upon cell towers. Cell tower location is typically less accurate than GPS; however, the accuracy of the cell location is affected by the number of towers & cellular coverage in an area.

Please keep in mind that this is NORMAL for a cellular / GPS-based device.  In fact, this often happens with something as advanced as an iPhone, which has a much larger antenna than Ping.  Like a dropped call on your phone, cell service and GPS coverage is not perfect.  Our goal is to try to give you a location WHEN we can given these constraints.  

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