How do I check my Ping's signal strength?

Note:  This is only available on firmware and above

Ping uses either your phone's Bluetooth connection or AT&T's cellular network to send and receive location information upon demand.  If you are using Ping in an area where the cell coverage is not great, or the device doesn't appear to be working, you may want to check the signal strength to see if the device is connected.

Even though Ping doesn't have a screen, we make it pretty easy to check if you have coverage.

  1. Turn off your phone's bluetooth if it's on.  If not, jump to step 3.
  2. Wait 1 minute. This gives Ping time to switch over from Bluetooth to cellular.
  3. Quickly double click the center button on your device.
  4. The LEDs will light/blink in one of the following colors to communicate the cellular signal status:


Blue.png If the lights blink blue that means you are still connected to your phone via Bluetooth.  If you want to perform a cellular signal test, you will need to disconnect.
Green.png If the lights blink green, you are connected to the cellular network. Just like the bars on your phone, each blink represents how strong the signal, 1 flash means weak signal, 4 flashes means strong signal.
Yellow.png If the lights blink yellow, the device is trying to connect to a cell tower.  Wait another minute and try again.
Red.png If the lights blink red you are not connected to the cellular network.  This means the device will not be locatable when it is in this area.  The device is designed to continually retry once you move to a new location, so try moving to a new location and first performing a "check-in" (quick triple click) and then the signal test.   BTW - if you do the check-in and you see green blinks within a few seconds, that also means you're connected!


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