How to update your firmware

The software inside your Ping device is called "firmware."  It's basically the brains that make the device work.  Everything from battery optimization to enhancing the locate requests is controlled by firmware.

As such, we are constantly (we're talking night and day people) working on fixing, tuning and enhancing this firmware.  Fortunately, upgrading your device to the latest firmware is a pretty easy process.

How To Know When To Update

There are a few ways to know when an update is available:

  • We'll send out an email 
  • You may get a notification on your phone
  • When you launch the app, it will tell you

If you get the email or notification, simply launch the app and you'll see something like this:




Which means it's time to update the device that has the little red exclamation mark ic_info_48px.png.  Tap it to begin.


How To Perform The Update Now

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are physically near the device since the update is done over Bluetooth. You'll see the orange Bluetooth symbol bluetooth_connected.png when you are.  If you're not, when you tap the device you'll be taken direct to the device's last location.  

You'll then be prompted to upgrade and can simply click the UPDATE button:



If you click Ignore, you will be taken directly to the device's previous location.  If you click Update (which we recommend) the app will start updating your device and you will see the following screen.  

SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT - it takes a few minutes to update, and often 30-60 seconds just to start from 0% to 1%.  Please be patient and do not move the device away from the phone during this process.




How To Perform The Update Later

If you aren't ready to update now, click Ignore after tapping on your device and you can continue using the app like normal. 

When you are ready to update, you will see an exclamation mark next to the gear icon Group.png on your map view.  After that, click "Update Firmware" from the menu that appears.

Finally, click the Update firmware button to begin the update.



When The Update Finishes

When the update is complete, the device will restart.  This may take a few seconds and you will see the rings light up.  After that, you're all set.



After the update I keep seeing the rings light up every few seconds and I can't use the device!

This is a rare event but easy to fix.  If the device is in the charger, remove it.  Shut off Bluetooth on your phone and exit the Ping app.  Wait five seconds and you can turn Bluetooth back on and relaunch the app.  Hopefully everything should be cleared up. 

My device's battery appears to be stuck at 15%, even though it's fully charged.

If you are seeing this, you are probably on an iPhone.  iPhone's can do weird things with upgrades.  The easiest way to fix this is to simply restart your phone and everything should be ok.

I can't connect over Bluetooth to my device after the upgrade.

Try shutting off your phone's Bluetooth entirely, waiting five seconds, and turning it back on.

It's still not working!  Help!

Ok let's calm down now ya hear.  First, try resetting the device by following these instructions.  If that doesn't work, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

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