What does privacy mode do?

Privacy Mode allows you to disconnect any Ping device from the cellular network. When in Privacy Mode, the Ping device will not accept any location requests through the cellular network, but can still receive requests via Bluetooth wireless technology. You can still send check-in and SOS alerts from the Ping device when in Privacy Mode.

To enable/disable Privacy Mode:

  1. Open the Ping app.


2. From the “My Devices” page, select the device for which you want to adjust the settings.

Ping-Settings-Icon.png 3. From the device page, select the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Ping-Settings-Pop-up.png 4. From the “Ping Settings” prompt, select “Device Configuration."

5. From the “Device Configuration” page, toggle the "Privacy Mode" button to the ON position (button is blue when Airplane Mode is ON).

To disable, toggle the button to the OFF position (button is gray when OFF).

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