Why can't I add my device to my phone?

We have experienced some reports of issues adding new devices to the PingGPS app.  This is typically happening when you have multiple devices and are trying to add the second or third device.  Please follow these tips and, if they do not work, please contact customer service:

The number one reason this happens is due to old firmware.  Before you do anything else, please follow the  steps in this article to update your device's firmware before trying to pair it.

  1. Bluetooth can overload the phone.  Please try moving the other devices you are not adding to another location, preferable the trunk of a car or a steel box to prevent the Bluetooth from interfering, and try again.
  2. Make sure the charger is plugged into a USB power source and you push the center button only once, quickly.  The lights should change color when in pairing mode.
  3. Try resetting the device.  You can do that by following these instructions.
  4. Try rebooting your phone.

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