What is the battery life?

It takes Ping a few hours to charge its battery that will last for anywhere from days to months depending on your settings. You'll receive a notification when the battery gets low.

Ping was designed from the ground up to maximize the battery life.  Our latest firmware is designed to only report in your device's location when there is significant movement, which helps conserve battery life.

So one of the key factors to battery life is  movement.  The more Ping moves (like on a kid or pet), the faster the batter drains.  We do a lot to try to optimize this, but that's just simple math with any electronic device - more use, less battery.

The other factor is cell coverage.  If you're in an area with poor cell coverage, it  could further deplete the battery, but the standby mode helps.

Three months battery life is assuming Bluetooth connection. When the Bluetooth connection is lost it changes to a GSM (cellular) connection. Typically on GSM only with frequent motion through the day it will last 1-2 weeks. If there is constant motion and in and out of cell towers, it could last less than a week as the device needs to use more power to try to constantly connect.

Keep in mind that Ping is TINY.  It has a 370 mAh battery.  A standard phone has at least a 3,000 mAh battery.  You read that right - almost 10 times as much.  And those you need to charge daily.  Just saying...

General expectations are this:

Using on an active pet 
Charge every 1-2 days
Using on a child going to school Charge every few days
Using in a bag, purse, etc Charge once a week
Using on a car or vehicle
Charge every few weeks
Using in luggage, moving infrequently
Charge every few months

Using on an object that is mostly stationery

Charge every 3-6 months

Other factors that would increase or decrease the above:

  • If the device is frequently near your phone, battery life will significantly increase
  • If the device is used in an area with poor AT&T 3G coverage, battery life will decrease
  • If the device is used indoors a lot, battery life will decrease
  • If the device is placed in something that is moving only some of the time (thing a child's backpack instead of belt), battery life will increase

These are all general rules of thumb.  Individual use will vary.

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