What is the Lifetime Data Plan?

The Lifetime Data Plan is a limited availability option that allows you to get unlimited use of a single Ping device for the life of that device.  If you elect for this plan, you will not be charged for future data plan fees ever from Ping.  Here are some common questions we have received about the plan:

How does this plan work?

If you purchased the plan, at the end of your one year included data period, we will email you a special code and a link to associate that code with your device.  If you have multiple devices, you can select whichever device you wish to assign the lifetime plan too.

Will I be able to purchase the plan when I receive my device?

At this time, we honestly don't know.  The Lifetime Data Plan came out of requests from our early backers.  It's a kind of "thank you" for those backers that we hope to be able to afford to extend later on to all customers, but at this time we cannot make any promises.

Will I be able to purchase the plan after I try out my device for the first year?

Probably not, and if we do offer it it will not be at the discounted rate that you get now.  

Does this plan include a device?

No.  You need to purchase a device separately to use this plan.

What about global coverage?  Does this plan include the $10 annual global fee?

No.  The global coverage option that anyone outside North America has to pay is not included in this fee.  

What if I have multiple devices?

If you want the lifetime data plan on multiple devices, you will need to have a lifetime data plan for each device. We cannot offer a further discount for multiple devices as this is already severely discounted over the life of the device.

What is the life of the device?

Based on the battery selected and normal battery cycles, one device should last over five years.  This data plan pays for itself after 3.5 years.

Can I get a refund on the lifetime plan?

Unfortunately no.  We are able to offer that discounted rate by pre-paying for data fees with our telco partners when you bought the plan.

What happens if I break my device under warranty?

If your device is replaced as a warranty claim, we will transfer the plan free of charge.

What happens if I buy a new device and want to transfer the plan to that device?

You may transfer this plan to another device that is the same version as your current device and under your name for a small $25 activation fee.  This fee is to cover our cost of activating a new device on the network. 

What happens if Ping goes out of business or is sold?

Unfortunately we cannot answer this question as it's impossible to know what would cause us to go out of business or how we would need to handle the situation.

However, in the event of a sale, we will do everything possible to ensure that the lifetime data plans are continued to be honored.

Remind me again, what's the price of the data plan after the first year if I don't get this plan?

To continue using Ping after the first year, you will need to pay $36 ($3/mo) per device.  We're working on trying to offer a discount for those with multiple devices.

Please keep in mind that this plan is new and there will be additional terms and conditions associated with it when launched and you receive the device.  If you have any further questions, please email us at support@pinggps.com.

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