What features are available?

Ping isn't about "features," it's about finally offering something practical and useful for everyone to use.  

Instead of focusing on what Ping has, let's discuss what it doesn't have and why.

It does NOT have geo-fencing.  It does NOT have real time reporting. It does NOT have location histories.  It does NOT have any of those “tracking” style features that we view to be an invasion of privacy.

We say this with emphasis because Ping was designed from the ground up with one goal and one goal only - create an affordable, practical device that lets people FIND what is important when they wanted it.  To do that meant getting rid of all the secondary features that rapidly drain the battery and, quite honestly, aren’t used by 99% of users.  

Also, we’re very concerned about ethics and privacy.  Where other devices “track” where you have been, Ping “locates,” which means you can find the device whenever and wherever, but not where it has been, allowing us to offer a more ethical less evasive solution.

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