How much does it cost and when do I pay?




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    Roderick Aquino

    If this really works, especially in real time tracking, this is actually comparably cheap than buying your own pre-paid (refillable/reloadable) sim card and having it activated for $20 plus tax. My stand alone self-monitored home security alarm send me a text of any alerts for 10 cents each time. The phone company I have it with charges me $3/month with only 30 texts or 30 one-minute call (or combination whichever is used).

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    Alex Pop

    So I can add the global coverage any time and then I have it for one year?

    Is it gonna renew automatically or do I have to add another year after it expires? If it's automatic how do I cancel the renewal if I don't want it anymore for the next year.

    Also, do you offer or plan to offer shorter terms, like 1 month for 1-2$? That would be very useful for everybody who lives most of the year in North America and has 1 month holiday per year. I think a lot of people would love this feature.

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