When does shipping begin?




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    Bradley Marema

    I already sent you a message under the hyperlink that had your profile. In case you don't receive that message I want to make sure you get it. Basically to summarize; thank you for the update and I understand that in life and business ventures sometimes things don't progress quite the way you intend for them to. I totally get it. I also know  that a truly great product is worth waiting for. I am confident that a lot of delays are probably because you're doing your best to give us a truly unique quality product that all participants in this venture will be very pleased with once we receive the finished product. Hang in there and thank you and good luck to you and your team. I'm excited to see the the final product when that time comes.


    Bradley Marema 

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    John Vu Nguyen

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the update however I am a bit confused by the following "Due to these delays, we are going to include one year of FREE GLOBAL COVERAGE for everyone of our IndieGoGo backers only.  " is this not already part of the IndieGoGo contribution in the first place? Or is this additional offer?



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    Mitchell Aldridge

    For most users, I don’t think global coverage is something we are looking for. Maybe that’s the easiest/cheapest thing for you to offer, I don’t know. But I would be happier with a second year of coverage, or even a half ear. Just something that is more beneficial and useful for the bulk of contributors.

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    Maybe you can offer a choice of a free year of coverage domestically or globally because the free year globally is going to be pretty useless to me. How many people from the US have funded this compared to globally? Probably a lot more US funders.

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    Phil Castonia

    I agree with the others, love more free coverage than the 1 year I got when j bought in. But global coverage not needed. Just US domestic is plenty. I'd love a second year of local coverage, global not needed.

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    Michael Ryan

    I also agree that global coverage is not necessary. But I do hope that Ping functions with Android.

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    Heidi A Heller

    Hi There - this note states that shipping started between January and end of February. It is now March. Is there any update on shipping / timing? Have any devices shipped?

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    I also agree . I’m from Ontario Canada and already have the 1year free when I bought in at the beginning . I always have and will continue to be patient waiting for my unit that we all acknowledge as being way beyond the original expectation delivery date when choosing to back Ping not once complaining nor will start now thanks to the updates you give which are appreciated. A nice gesture in return would be the more useful option if a second year of local coverage . I feel it would smooth out the impatience of the majority of backers . Not telling you what you should do , but as a business owner for over 30 yrs who released on making customers happy to come back for more product , it’s just constructive food for thought in this competitive world .
    Keep on keeping on and I hope your company thrives !

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    Martin Williams

    Do you have any updates on the certification process for the EU?

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    scott Litteral


    Could you please provide an approximate shipping date as to when devices should be expected in the USA. 


    Like one of the other folks stated, its understandable with getting orders filled and working as fast as you can. But providing a update would be wonderful.



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    Mark Myungki Seo

    I already sent a message that I asked when does my Ping really shipped to me...

    I had a contribution in Indigogo (my order ID is 2304)

    But I didn’t get my package and any message about the delay.

    I want to know when I get my package.

    You must explain to us what’s going on!!! 

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    Matt Oates

    All. I can respect that there have been delays.

    The delays have been right at a year.

    Contribution Confirmation
    Order ID: 4257
    Estimated Delivery: July 2017

    The product that was being marketed in 2016, is no longer a product that is ahead of its time.

    There are many comparable alternatives. Maybe not exactly the same, but neither is the Tile solution that is used for comparison during the marketing campaign.

    At what point will an adequate response to the inquiries, regular updates and efforts to make the continued delays, right?

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    Mark Smith

    Seems like people lose perspective over time. When we gave these guys our money - it had to be money none of us needed. We all were betting on the come. Indiegogo pretty clear right up front about what we ALL decided to do& that was, "Backing a crowdfunding project is exciting because you get to support a brand new startup or creative endeavor that might change the world." Inherent in that is the risk that it might not happen - that delays will occur - that programs will crash and burn. If I wanted . sure bet - I'd have waited til product was sitting on shelf at Best Buy. It's all part of the game.

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    Matt Oates

    @MarkSmith agree with your statement. I have done several of these.

    Looking through the comments, the complaints/ concerns aren't about length of time. But

    1. Lack of communication/ updates
    2. Lack of progress being reported

    Why do most projects fail?

    IT, construction, marketing, etc

    Lack of information being shared and ineffective communication channels and irregular progress updates being provided

    All venture efforts are risks.... Shareholders expect timely, accurate and adequate updates.

    These key aspects have not happened

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    Mark Smith

    Got it - JIBO was same 2-years behind as I recall. In my life - things happen when they happen. The beauty of retiring 14-years ago I guess. I was about my staff keeping me posted on things - so I really do understand your position.

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